The Windsur Manufacturing Broom Corporation or Company is a family owned business that specializes in manufacturing magic flying brooms. The Windsur Corporation was established by the Windsur family more than two hundred years ago, and is today the largest manufacturer of brooms in the Wizardry world. The Windsur Corporation produces the Stealth which is currently the fastest flying broom on the market.

Following Jesse Alexander's first adventure with the Wizardry world, when he and the wizard Beifar Mahgo stopped and reprimanded Raven Claw at Disney World, Florida, Jesse's shop Alivan's Wizards and Witches Corner Store in Mount Dora, Florida became the sole supplier of Windsur brooms for outlet stores and chains when he found the contact information in Raven Claw's old office at the store. Jesse also made the brooms available at his shop. Both the Windsur company and Jesse benefited from that first outing with the Wizardry world by being sold suppliers of the brooms used in the Disney World, Florida attraction The Sorcerer's Apprentice that was built following that first outing of Jesse's with the Wizardry world.

The Windsur Corporation is run by the Duke and Duchess of Windsur.

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