A wand is a thin, straight, hand-held stick or rod used by beings who possess magical abilities to channel and focus their magic and achieve more accurate and potent results.[1] They also make casting spells and directing them towards specific targets more easy.

Wands are most commonly made out of wood, but they can also be fashioned in other materials as well. They are most commonly held in one hand. A wand has as its core a magical substance, usually an element from a magical creature, like a phoenix feather, dragon scale or other. The most notable users of wands are witches and wizards and is the Wizardry's standard medium or tool for performing magic, as well as their most common weapon.

History Edit

Before wands were invented, staffs was the standard tool used by Wizardry to channel their magic and cast spells. However, with the advent of wands staffs were phased out, and is still decreasing in popularity, being deemed too old-fashioned and impractical to the smaller, more compact medium that wands are. Today, people who use or prefer staffs are often history fanatics.[1]

Nature of wands Edit

Sentience Edit

Wand woods Edit

Among the woods used for wands are:

Wood Genus; binomial name Description
... ... Description of the wand wood's properties, as pertaining to wands...

Magical component Edit

Wands contain one specific core, a magical substance, usually a part from a magical creature but not always. Among these components are:

Core Notes
Unicorn hair Description of the substance as pertaining to wands.
Phoenix feather Description of the substance as pertaining to wands.
Fairy dust Description of the substance as pertaining to wands.

Wands as weapons Edit

References Edit

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