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The Witches are Coming!

The Sorcerer's Secret, the third book in J.A. Areces' fantasy saga, The Salem Concord has just been released in its revised form on on March 1, 2021 through Smashwords. So far only an ebook is available, but there will be a paperback version on Amazon shortly. Like when it first arrived on - now called - in the form of a free podcast audiobook, serialised, it is the longest book in the entire series, clocking in at around 305 pages in digital form, which should translate to about more than double in physical form. The podcast audio alone was 1,360 minutes which translates into almost 24 hours.

The plot of the book, the worldbuilding, the horror, the Wizardry police procedure, the murders, the magic, the charm and wonder, the humor, it's all very amplified in this book. It's only about 2.99$ on Smashwords at the moment, and will be free on March 7. Mark your calendar! Here is the official blurb:

The Sorcerer's Secret is book three in J.A. Areces' fantasy saga The Salem Concord. It picks up where the book, The Secret Society of Seven Sorcerers, left off.
In The Sorcerer's Secret, Jesse Alexander reluctantly ventures deeper into the wizarding world and discovers that the Wizardry are obligated by the Salem Concord to live in secret. A secret that history altered in order to stop the Salem Witch War. A secret that Folk must never learn. It's up to Jesse and the secret wizard agent Beifar Mahgo to halt the forces seeking to breach the Salem Concord and cause another Witch War. The challenge that Jesse faces is who he will side with? His wizard friend Beifar, or the Folk secret society that for 300 years has protected the nation from Wizardry, the Cadre.
Meanwhile, Andrew and Brendan Mahgo learn that being a wizard in a Folk world has its consequences. As their secret is revealed, they realize that they're placing their friends' lives in danger and that their life will change forever. The question is if their lives will change for the better or the worse? It's up to them and Chief Fabiano to stop Lord Alex from obtaining two of the world's most powerful magical items. The Nostradamus Medallion and the Midas Elixir are coveted by Lord Alex. With the magic items in his possession, the last dark sorcerer would be able to push forward his plan, the rise of the Wizardry. Unfortunately, the Mahgo brothers stand in the way, and Lord Alex will not stop until the items are in his mastery.
Sacrifices will have to be made and with it death. Time is running out, and on Halloween, one cry will be heard throughout the land. The alarm that will cause Wizardry to tremble and Folk to shutter, "The Witches are Coming!"
Where to get it?

You can currently buy The Sorcerer's Secret from in any ebook format you'd like, including epub and PDF, for $2.99 USD. On March 7, 2021, in 2 days from now, there will be a special offer in which it will be free. It will shortly land on, both in the form of an ebook and a print-on-demand paperback edition.

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