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This and That
General information
Alternative name(s)


Inhabited by Wizardry or Folk?

Yes, owned by a witch and run by her and two other witches (formerly)


Agatha (formerly)
Clara (formerly)
Isabella (formerly)


The store of Agatha, Clara and Isabella
The second Wizardry store in Mount Dora


Destroyed in a fire, caused by Raven Claw and Nicholas Fidgewidge

Physical information

United States of America


Mount Dora, Florida

Form of government


Head of state



American dollars


Agatha (formerly)


Agatha (formerly)

Chronological information
First appearance

Interview for a Wizard

Last appearance

The Secret Society of Seven Sorcerers

This and That was a store located in the small town of Mount Dora in the state of Florida. It is owned by the witch Agatha who runs the store with the help from two witches named Isabella and Clara. The store was originally a two storey building with an apartement upstairs. This and That sells different kinds of strange curiosity items, including pieces of art. The store was usually filled with odd objects from around the world, and it makes it hard to move around in the crowded space. It was destroyed by a fire during a duel caused by an attack by Raven Claw and Nicholas Fidgewidge when Claw came looking for Lord Bane's crystal ball.[1]

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