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The Salem Concord Wiki is an online encyclopedia dedicated to everything related to the magical fantasy series created by J.A. Areces; Interview for a Wizard, The Secret Society of Seven Sorcerers, The Sorcerer's Secret and The Last Sorcerer. Join the community and enjoy!


On Halloween night, unsuspecting visitors at one of the greatest vacation spots in the world are about to be scared to death.

Painters daughters boutique

Jesse Alexander, an 18-year-old recent high school graduate, accepts a job in a small, costume store, in Mt. Dora. It was the perfect job in the perfect laid back, little town. On his own for the first time, he is looking forward to being able to relax in the calm and quiet of his new surroundings and seriously consider the direction of his future. Working at Alivan’s Wizards and Witches Corner Store was uneventful. It was the ideal position. He was the only employee, and his only encounters with his boss were via email or instant message.

However, with only seven days before Halloween, Jesse finds himself sucked into a race against time and wizardry... Read More >> 

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