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The Cadre
General information




Alternate name(s)

The Cadre Confederation

Notable members

General Peters




Boston, Massachusetts
Red Barn in Salem, Massachusetts (occasionally for meetings)




To uphold the Salem Concord (originally)
To expose the Wizardry, go to war with them and eradicate them


Exposing the Wizardry, killing Wizardry



Chronological information
First appearance

The Secret Society of Seven Sorcerers

Last appearance

The Sorcerer's Secret

The Cadre, also called the Cadre Confederation, is a mysterious American secret society founded in 1707 and operated by Folk, whose purpose is to watch the Wizardry and make sure they uphold the Salem Concord to protect the Folk society in the United States from them. The Cadre Confederation was founded in 1707 at the signing of the Salem Concord that ended the Salem Witch Wars, at the Red Barn in Salem, Massachusetts in the United States of America. Their headquarters are however in Boston, Massachusetts.[1]

In reality, the Cadre Confederation's members are fanatical Wizardry haters who consider the very act of performing magic treason, and they actually wish for the Wizardry to breach the ancient treaty between their peoples so that a new witch hunt can begin and give them a ripe opportunity to eradicate Wizardry from the country. Their hatred of the Wizardry can be likened to racial prejudice. Most of the Cadre's members are descendants of people involved in the Salem Witch Trials, or Witch Wars. It is theorised by Sandy Spree that the Cadre is the oldest Folk society. The Cadre Confederation is also the most secret society in the United States, to the point that the US government doesn't even know of their existence, safe from the current president.[1]

The Cadre is feared by Secret Society of Seven Sorcerers who believe they may be able to stop it by using "the Sorcerer's Secret" against it, and the Society is sure that it will ensure ensure their victory against the Cadre.[2] They are one of the only few Folk to own an Emunio Concutio, even though it is illegal for Folk to obtain the alarm system.[1]


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