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The following information is based on events in Interview for a Wizard and The Secret Society of Seven Sorcerers and contain spoilers.

Teleportation, also referred to as transportation, materialization/dematerialization, or popping in/out of nowhere, is the magical ability to instantly disappear in one location and reappear in another, and used as a method of transportation by mainly Wizardry. Rather than being a spell, the ability to teleport is a skill and requires no incantation,[1] but it does require concentration.[2] Whenever this transportion magic is used, the user will vanish in a brief flash of light, and appear in their desired location in another brief flash of light.[1][2]

Teleporting is an ability which has only been shown to be practised by wizards and witches. Teleporting requires focus, with the user feeling their entire body mentally. The user must concentrate on the location they desire to transport themself to, and picture it vividly, otherwise they may accidentally appear somewhere else, and in the worst case scenario, in different pieces in various pieces, which would also effectively kill them.[2]

Users of the teleporation spell has been known to use a wand to perform it, by tapping their own heads with it, or a magic staff, where they might tap the ground to initiate it, however some Wizardry have even performed teleportation without any tool.[1][2]

Whenever someone teleports, they leave behind a "wake" for some time, which another wizard or witch are able to feel and use to follow the teleporter, through teleportation themselves. Eventually the wake fades away.[2]

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