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The following information is based on events in The Secret Society of Seven Sorcerers and contain spoilers.

The summoning spell (incantation: Arcesso) is a spell used to summon objects to the caster. If the caster points their wand or staff at an object when using the spell, that object will fly to them. If the caster adds the name of a specific object at the end of the incantation, any of that object will come to them, if there is any present nearby.[1]

Examples of usage Edit

While investigating the murder of Raven Claw in the library at Fidgewidge Manor, after her shadow spell failed to give her any useful clues, DMCI agent Ana Mahgo lifted her wand and called "Arcesso mirror", however no mirror came to her as ordered.[1]

Etymology Edit

Arcesso is a Latin verb which means to send for, call, invite, summon and fetch.

It is derived from accedō ("come forward") +‎ -tō (forms frequentative verbs from existing verbs), with ar- for ad- ("towards (me)").

The word is pronounced /arˈkes.soː/ or [arˈkɛs.soː] in classical Latin according to the International Phonetics Alphabet.

References Edit

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