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A spell is an act of magic, that when cast, is intended to cause or influence a particular course of events. Spells are usually accompanied by a spoken incantation. Spells are the most used form of magic act in magical communities. They are often cast with the help of a wand or magic staff in order to channel the wizard or witch's energy and focus the spell to be stronger. There exists many different types of spells, including charms, hexes, jinxes and curses. The process or craft of performing a spell is called casting.[1]

A wizard or witch need to be aware of their own energy in order to cast spells, and learn to be in tune with their energy through special exercises. The greater the focus, the more powerful the spell.[1]

Categories or types of spells

When it comes to categorizing spells by desired type of effects on the surrounding worlds, one may divide spells into defensive spells, offensive spells and supportive spells. The latter tend to be neutral. The supportive spells are things such as some conjuring spells (except when used to conjure things that can be used to attack or defend), tracking spells, transforming spells, certain "action" spells meant to make life more convenient, and other types of spells not used for attack or defense against attacks. Magic is almost limitless, and Wizardry are bound by their human nature and imagination, so it is futile to divide spells too rigidly. However, as magic must be able to be taught, it must be somewhat systematized.

The known or used types of spells:


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