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   This article is about the in-universe thing. For the book of the same name go to The Sorcerer's Secret (book).

The Sorcerer's Secret, also simply called the Secret, is a mysterious thing with a connection to the four elements, each which are hidden in one secret location in the four corners of the world. It is desperately wanted by the Secret Society of Seven Sorcerers, as they believe it will make them powerful enough to withstand the Cadre,[1] as well as enable Wizardry to come out of hiding and not be second-class to the Folk. It can be used as a weapon and in the hands of certian people would spell doom for the world. It is said that to possess the four elements is to possess the Sorcerer's Secret.[2] The Secret was promised to the Society by Lord Alex, and based on this he was chosen to become the newest member of their leading Circle.[1]

Many Wizardry have searched for the location of the Sorcerer's Secret for centuries, including the alchemists, experts in the field of study of the four elements.[2]



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