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   This article is about the in-universe thing. For the book of the same name go to The Sorcerer's Secret (book).

The Sorcerer's Secret, also simply called the Secret, is the most powerful magic known to the Wizardry world. Possessing it grants the wielder eternal life, agelessness, and the ability to summon all four elements and command them to do one's bidding. In order to control the four elements and thus possess the Secret, one must first brew a potion with very specific ingredients: the four elements and four drops of the Midas Elixir, which is a catalyst for the magic brew that activates the elements.[1][2]

The Secret was desperately wanted by the Secret Society of Seven Sorcerers, as they believe it would make them powerful enough to withstand the Cadre,[3] as well as enable Wizardry to come out of hiding and not be second-class to the Folk. It can be used as a weapon and in the hands of certian people would spell doom for the world.[1] The Secret was promised to the Society by Lord Alex, and based on this he was chosen to become the newest member of their leading Circle.[3]

Many Wizardry have searched for the location of the Sorcerer's Secret for centuries, including the alchemists, experts in the field of study of the four elements.[1]


Sorcerer's Secret potion

In order to control the Sorcerer's Secret, one must first brew a potion that upon ingesting forces the four elements themselves to enter and be housed within one's body. The recipe is as follows:


  • The element of earth
  • The element of fire
  • The element of wind/air
  • The element of water
  • Four drops of the Midas Elixir


  • A wand
  • A cauldron
  • A number of unknown, ancient words


First fetch a cauldron. Place the element of earth into the cauldron. Secondly place the element of fire into the cauldron. Thirdly place the element of water into the cauldron. Fourthly, pour the element of wind into the cauldron.

Carefully pour four drops of the Midas Elixir onto the elemental mixture within the cauldron, making sure to give each drop time to work its magic. This stage can be very dangerous as the effects of each drop may inadvertently kill the brewer, so they must be cautious. The Midas Elixir is a catalyst that causes the four elements to come alive. The first drop will cause the earth to shake. The second will make the flames in the cauldron reach the sky burbibg anything in its path to nothing but white ash. The third will cause thunder and lightning to strike overhead and massive rain clouds to roll violently over the sky. The fourth and final drop will fill the space the potion is being brewed in with a force of wind so powerful thay it will nearly cause anyone in its vicinity to fall over. The rain clouds will unload its water, too, drenching the space the potion is brewed in.

The brewer must bw cautious where they brew the potion, as the four drops of the Midas Elixir bringing the elements to life will charge the space with a force so powerful it may nearly topple some structures, depending on the state they are already in.

Place a wand inside the cauldron and use it to stir the mixture slowly eight times, precisely four times clockwise and four times counterclockwise. Remove the wand, take the cauldron in both hande and lift it up the lips while whispering the ancient incantation. Pause for a moment, then drink the contents of the brew. Doing so will cause the four elemente to be imbued within the drinker's body, giving them power over them and causing them to possess the Sorcerer's Secret. They will thus be immortal, never-aging and be able to summon and force the elements to do their bidding.


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