Shadow spell


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The following information is based on events in The Secret Society of Seven Sorcerers and contain spoilers.

The shadow spell is a revelation spell that causes shadows in an area to move backwards in time to retrace their steps, including causing shadows cast by anyone and anything in the area before to reappear. Shadow spells are protocol for DMCI agents, used on investigations to find a clue or identify a suspect, however the spell is never reliable in identifying a suspect.

The shadows can be made to stop by simply calling "Stop!", and be made to move back faster by waving the wand used to cast the spell faster around. Once "Stop" is called, the shadows will simply move forward in time once more as they can't actually be paused.

The spell is invoked by the chant:

Shadows retrace your steps
and reveal to me
the secrets of this death.[1]

Examples of usage

Ana Mahgo

While investigating the murder of Raven Claw at Fidgewidge Manor, Ana Mahgo used a chant to invoke the shadow retrace spell inside the library, the scene of the crime, to retrace their steps, back in time.

She was able to recognize the fact that Raven Claw was tortured in his chair by a mysterious person shrouded underneath a hooded cloak, as its shadow appeared on one of the walls, but it disappeared again before she was able to spot any clue as to the figure's identity.[1]


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