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Expedio Sua is the incantation for a spell that supposedly sets anyone it is cast on free from something they are trapped by, whether it be something physically trapping them, something magical or possibly even something mental such as hypnosis. Beifar Mahgo attempted to use this spell on Ana Mahgo when she became ensnared by Lord Bane's crystal ball after touching it and the ball would not let go off her hands, even as she collapsed. However, the spell had no effect.[1]


The incantation expedio sua is Latin. It is made up of the verb expedio meaning:

  1. I free feet from snares; unfasten fetters; lose the shackles
  2. I loosen restraints, unchain, set free, liberate, release
  3. I unwind, untangle, untie, unwrap; disconnect, detach, extricate from entanglements
  4. I remove impediments, clear obstacles; hasten, expedite a process

and the pronoun sua, which is the nominative singular feminine form of the pronoun suus, meaning "his", "her", "its", "their (own)", in this case being used as "her" or "their".

Knowing this, the spell is supposed to be yielding a meaning along the line sof "Loosen her/their restraints."


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