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   This article is about the fictional organization. For the book of the same name go to The Secret Society of Seven Sorcerers (book).

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The following information is based on events in Interview for a Wizard and The Secret Society of Seven Sorcerers and contain spoilers.

Secret Society of Seven Sorcrers
General information

The Circle of Seven Sorcerers
current sorcerers:
Lord Alex

Notable members



Seven different wealthy wizards, the first sorcerers, from seven different Wizardry families




Department of Magic (through members' positions within)
United States government (through members' positions within)


Uphold the Salem Concord (formerly)
Organized crime
To bring the Wizardry out of hiding and oppress Folk


Most likely protection racketeering, arbitrating disputes between criminals, theft, brokering, enforcing illegal agreements and transactions, assassinations, and smuggling
Midas Elixir and the Nostradamus Medallion (accomplished)
Locating the Sorcerer's Secret by finding the four elements



Chronological information
First appearance

Interview for a Wizard (mentioned)

Last appearance

The Sorcerer's Secret (so far)

The Secret Society of Seven Sorcerers (SSSS) is a large and underground Wizardry organization that deals in corrupt operations, and they are the equivalent of the Folk mafia. There are both Wizardry and Folk members within the Society, most of which are wealthy businessmen, celebrities and people in high positions within both Folk and Wizardry government.[1] The Society is ruled by the Circle of Seven Sorcerers.[2][1]

The Society was originally formed by seven founding fathers, each from a different Wizardry family, to help uphold the Salem Concord, a treaty between Wizardry and Folk that ended the Salem Witch Wars and created peace between the two peoples. Meanwhile, it forced Wizardry to keep themselves secret as well. However, with time the Society's ruling Circle of Seven Sorcerers lost sight of the original goal and began lusting for power and wealth, and started to disregard the wishes of the rest of the Society, and so transformed the organization into a crime syndicate.[1]

Three very important rules of the Society are: When someone joins, the rest of his family are members as well. Once someone is a member, they are always a member. If someone shows disloyalty, they may be punished by death.[1]


Interview for a Wizard

The Secret Society of Seven Sorcerers

Known living members of the Society

Known dead members of the Society

Current Sorcerers

Lord Alex

Known former Sorcerers

Edgar Scurrilus

Raul Paylies

Bastian Semisecret

Gregory Saunders

Robert Daniels

Edward Bane

Winston Towers

Original seven Sorcerers


The Salem Concord audiobooks

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