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The Salem Concord Scribl audiobooks is a series of four free podcast audiobooks written and recorded by J.A. Areces, availabe on the website, formerly known as, and was the original release of The Salem Concord. The audiobooks used earlier drafts of the books, and as such cannot be considered canon any longer. There are little changes between the original audiobooks and the edited books, however certain things, such as some character names, were changed, as with Beifar Mahgo who was known as Ch-U-Ch Mahgo (/tʃ-ˈu-tʃ maɡoʊ/) in the audiobooks, and whose name was changed because of the apparent difficulty in pronouncing the original name. Some details are also changed, and events moved around slightly, in order for the plot in the series to be more consistent. All of the books with the exception of the fourth, The Last Sorcerer, was released around Halloween or the month of October.


Interview for a Wizard

On Halloween night, the greatest vacation spot in the world is about to be scared to death. A dangerous and mad wizard has escaped from jail, and there is no one who can identify him. With only seven days left before Halloween, Jesse and wizard special agent Ch-U-Ch race to solve the mystery, but time is quickly running out.

The Secret Society of Seven Sorcerers

Nicholas Fidgewidge returns to claim Lord Bane's crystal ball causing Jesse to seek the wizard Ch-U-Ch’s aid. Meanwhile, the remaining sorcerer’s are being scared to death, and with Raven Claw out of jail the chase begins. However, things quickly become very complicated when the wizard’s two teenage boys get involved. On Halloween night, Lord Alex will become the next Dark Sorcerer even if it means destroying everyone who knows of his initiation. Follow the wizard Ch-U-Ch, his cousin Ana and Jesse into the dark world of the Society as they try to prevent Lord Alex from joining the Circle of Seven and achieving a greater goal, to obtain the secret’s of Lord Bane’s crystal ball. On Halloween night, everything must remain a secret at any price.

The Sorcerer's Secret

In the Sorcerer's Secret, Jesse ventures deeper into the wizarding world and discovers that the Wizardry must live a secret. A secret that history altered. A secret that FOLK must never learn. It's up to Jesse and the secret wizard agent Ch-U-Ch to stop the forces that are trying to breach the Salem Concord and cause another Witch War. Meanwhile, Andrew and Brendan are learning that being a wizard in a FOLK world has its consequences. As their secret is revealed, they learn that they're placing their friends lives in danger. It's up to them and Chief Fabiano to stop Lord Alex from obtaining two of the most powerful magical items in the world. Time is running out, and on Halloween, one cry will be heard throughout the land, "The Witches are Coming!"

The Last Sorcerer

The Salem Concord, the treaty that has kept peace between Folk and Wizardry since the Salem Wars, has been breached causing the return of the Witch Hunts. Jesse Alexander takes it upon himself to end the war by embarking on an adventure against the Cadre and deliver two young Wizardry to the Secretary of Magic before it’s to late.

Secret wizard agent Ch-U-Ch races against time to stop Lord Alex from becoming the most powerful sorcerer and ultimate ruler of the world.

Meanwhile, the Mahgo brothers, Andrew and Brendan, exiled from the Folk world, hurry to mature into their new powers as they embark on a heroic quest against Lord Alex and his dark sorcerers to find the four elements and the Sorcerer's Secret.

The Last Sorcerer is a spellbinding fantasy adventure that returns the reader to Alivan's Wizards and Witches Corner Store to battle dragons, dark wizards, evil witches, zombies and witch hunters. In the world of magic nothing is ever what it appears to be.

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