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The Salem Witch War or Salem Witch Wars, simply known to Folk as the Salem Witch Trials due to the alteration of historical facts and memories as outlined in the Salem Concord treaty, was a war between the Wizardry and Folk that took place between 1692 and 1693 or possibly the early 1700s. It ended with the signing of the Salem Concord, an agreement between the two peoples with strict conditions and terms effectively keeping the existence of Wizardry secret to the Folk.[1]

As per the agreement, memories and historical facts were altered by magic so that Folk forgot the wars had happened and thought that only a series of trials and executions of people accused of witchcraft had taken place, most of whom are thought to be innocent today. The Salem Witch Trials are said to have happened between March 1, 1692 and May of 1693 by Folk. Although Folk now know the wars as these "witch trials", the trials did in fact take place, and some innocent people, without magical abilities, were indeed executed in addition to real Wizardry, but the wars were much more than this.[1]



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