Salem Concord

The Salem Concord is a legal treaty written and signed between the Wizardry and the Folk centuries ago in the early 1700s to end the war between them and to protect both the worlds. The Concord forces the Wizardry to keep their existence a secret from Folk.[1] The original document of the Salem Concord, written on a scroll of parchment, is preserved and exhbitied in the grand hall of the headquarters of the Magical Bureau of Investigations in the Washington Monument.[2]



One term of the Salem Concird is that history was altered to keep the Wizardry secret from the Folk. This involved altering the facts about the Salem Witch War, making it appear as if they were merely witch trials and nothing more.[1]

Part of the text reads, “We, the people of this great nation, do hereby swear to form a better union between Wizardry and Folk so that in perfect harmony and union, both peoples can abide in complete fellowship and equality for the greater good of all…”[3]


The Salem Concord


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