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The repelling hex or expelling hex (Repello) is a hex[1] that repels or knocks back whatever and whomever it is cast on, unless blocked.[2]



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The incantation repello is derived from the Latin verb repellō

  1. I drive, push or thrust back or away; reject, repulse, repel.
  2. (figurative) I drive away, reject, remove, discard; keep off, hold back, ward off, repulse.
  3. (figurative) I reject, refuse, refute, confute, repel.

The Latin repellō is derived from the affix re- (backwards, back, away; again) + the verb‎ pellō (“push, drive”).


  • Andrew Mahgo referred to the repelling hex once as an "expel jinx." It is unclear whether it is truly a hex or a jinx. It is a possible indication that the lines between the various types of spells are not clear-cut.


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