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Pyewackett Private School for Witches
General information
Alternative name(s)

Pyewackett Private School for Girls

Inhabited by Wizardry or Folk?

Wizardry only


Mily Breezy (formerly as head mistress, killed by Raven Claw)
Pyewackett students


Renowned throughout the United States by Wizardry


Presumably still actively teaching

Physical information

United States of America


San Fransisco, close to San Fransisco Bay

Form of government

Private school

Head of state

Head mistress


American dollars


Unknown, presumably Mily Breezy (formerly)


Mily Breezy (as head mistress, formerly)
Celina Bane (formerly)

Chronological information
First appearance

Interview for a Wizard

Last appearance

The Secret Society of Seven Sorcerers

Pyewackett Private Shcool for Witches, also known as Pyewackett Prviate School for Girls, is a wizarding school for female students located somewhere in San Fransisco, California. The school, which is for elite students, excell in modern education, Folk history and sciences, social skills and magic. It is renowned throughout the entire country to Wizardry, but not to the Folk of the United States, especially not to the neighboring ones.[1]


Pyewackett Private School for Witches is housed inside of a huge building made be a castle-like structure, and stands on top of a hill. From the school's lawn the beautiful San Fransisco bay can be seen in the distance and the castle overlooks it. The castle building has tall, ancient towers and high-pitched roofs. Its lawn is manicured and its surroundings are spacious. The school has several halls. The property is surrounded by a large concrete wall, and security cameras keeps the elite student population under surveillance at all times.[1]

Located in the back of the property, not far away from the school building and its dorms, is the head mistress' home, a small, cute cottage.[1]


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