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Potions (from Latin potio "drink" or "beverage") are magical liquid mixtures usually brewed in cauldrons and used to induce a number of different effects on their drinkers, on non-living things when coming into contact with them or they may be applied in other ways. In many ways, potion-brewing can be considered the Wizardry equivalent of the Folk science of chemistry, although that honour is also shared by alchemy.

Known potions

  • Fear potion: A potion made out of dilluted Dragon Breath, shaken not stirred, that, when combined with the fear curse, would cause multiple people simultaneously to relive their worst fear in the form of a nightmare and cause them to die of a heart attack if not woken.[1]
  • Midas Elixir: A golden, glowing liquid that turns anything it touches into gold, except its glass container. Not a regular potion, but water from the river Pactolus containing the ancient Greek king Midas' gold-touch power, gathered from the river's water by Midas himself shortly after having washed the golden touch away in the river.[2]
  • Healing potion:[3]
  • Verum potion: An enchanted truth serum that cannot be fought against. One swallow is enough to force someone to give an answer to any question, whether or not they want to.[3]
  • Spell-revealing potion: A potion that when combined with an object from a location and the right chant will produce moving shadows on the surfaces of the room it is brewed in, showing the scene that played out in the location the object was from, including the final spell used there.[2] It is possible the spell-revealing potion is connected to shadow spells.[3]
  • Infatuation potion: A potion that can cause someone to beg at another's feet. The voodoo witch, Tula Boenier, knew how to brew this potion.[2]


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