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The murderer-revealing spell (incantation below) is a spell that when cast on an object from a location where a murdr has taken place will cause a soft red mist to materialize and take the shape of the murderer. The spell requires the aura of the murder victim to be present when being cast, as the red misty figure of the murder will come alive and be animated, while the aura does the same, revealing how the murderer killed the dead person.

The spell uses an English-language chant rather than a regular Latin incantation.

The murderer-revealing spell is sometimes used by MBI or DMCI agents to identify a murderer in a case.[1]


The incantation for the murderer-revealing spell is an English-language chant that goes:

Clues that speak
Secrets told.
Tell me. I want to know.
Show me the face.
Show me, I say,
Show me the face of the murderer that day.


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