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Maurice is an enchanted doorknocker in the shape of a dragon's head, created by Brendan Mahgo as his first wizarding project in the magic department of Marcellin High School for Boys following his discovery of magical powers, and were given by him to Jesse Alexander as a present. Now it is fixed to the front door of Alivan's Wizards and Witches Corner Store in Mount Dora, Florida.

The dragonhead doorknocker is large and cast in iron with a brass handle hanging from its nostril that serves as the actual knocker.

The dragon's head is is able to move and talk like a regular dragon's head and has a will of its own, able to make sarcastic and threatening comments as well as complimenting people. When addressing its maker, its owner or anyone who are friends or family of them, with few exceptions, it has a tendency to refer to them as "Master" and offer them glowing praise and compliments. The doorknocker Will threaten anyone attempting to trespass the store.[1]


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