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Mahgo family's house
General information
Alternative name(s)

Mahgo House

Inhabited by Wizardry or Folk?

Wizardry: Beifar Mahgo, Andrew Mahgo, Brendan Mahgo
Folk: Miracle Mahgo


Beifar Mahgo
Miracle Mahgo
Andrew Mahgo
Brendan Mahgo
Pumpkin Head


The home of the Mahgo family


Still standing and inhabited

Physical information

United States of America


Northwestern corner of a lake in a city in Southern Florida, possibly near or in Miami
South of Orlando and its theme parks
South of Mount Dora

Form of government

Parent rule

Head of state



Beifar Mahgo and Miracle Mahgo


Beifar Mahgo and Miracle Mahgo

Chronological information
First appearance

The Secret Society of Seven Sorcerers

Last appearance

The Sorcerer's Secret

The Mahgo family's house is the home of the Mahgo family. The house is in a city somewhere in Southern Florida, and is one of twenty-four modest houses in a neighborhood surrounding a lake, each different in design and size from one another. The Mahgo house is the northwest corner of the lake and very simple and typical-looking so as not to draw much attention or suspicion, on the grounds that Beifar Mahgo is a wizard as well as a secret agent of the Department of Magical Criminal Investigations. The lake is fed from a canal lined with houses, from east to west, and the lake waters are clear and houses an abundance of wildlife consisting of small animals, different birds and fish, which makes the lake a hidden paradise. The lights of the houses along the canal lure tiny bugs that swirls frantically and tempts lizards living there to hunt them. There are also trees around the lake, where birds search for food in the morning. It is quite tranquil out on the waters. Down the canal at the edge, hidden behind tall grass and low hanging branches, there is a drainpipe that used to be the dwelling the Red Dragon while it was trapped in its non-magical form. There is also a large oak tree at the egde of the canal that the Red Dragon sometimes climbs into.[1]

The neighborhood is located some way south of Marcellin High School for Boys, which is at the heart of the city. Furthermore, there are tall trees and telephone posts near the lake.[1]

The residents of the house currently consist of Beifar Mahgo, Miracle Mahgo, their wizard sons Andrew Mahgo and Brendan Mahgo,[1] and an enchanted living jack-o-lantern called Pumpkin Head.[2]

The Mahgo house is protected by a top of the line Emunio Concutio hex, the warning hex, and a regular house alarm that announces whenever people enter the house when it is on. The address and family is also under protection of the Department of Magic, as a result of Beifar's position as an agent of the DMCI, which prevents anyone from tracing the address or the family.[1]


The Secret Society of Seven Sorcerers

The Sorcerer's Secret


The Mahgo House is a three-bedroom family home. It is simple and typical in design so as not to draw any attention to the family. It is situated at the north-western corner of a lake in a city in Southern Florida, south of the town of Mount Dora and the city of Orlando, possibly Miami. It has a central air-conditioning system which are able to turn on by itself. When it is on, a soothing hum can be heard as the cool air escapes through vents.[1]

Back lawn and lake shore

The house has a beautiful grassy back lawn that leads in a slope down to the lake's shore, which is marked by a small beach, and the shore has four white garden chairs decorating it.[1]

Paved terrace

There is a large glass sliding doors that lead from the inside of the house and out to a paved terrace and a basketball stand with a foul line on the ground, situated before the back lawn. The glass sliding doors have long white drapes for curtains and the windows have curtains as well. There is a large couch with a lounge pillow on the paved terrace, and a large wooden table near the terrace. The backyard is lit by bright lights during the night, which serves as a beacon for when someone is out sailing the lake or to illuminate it.[1]

Bedroom hall and linen closet portal

There are at least three bedrooms, one master bedroom belonging to the parents Beifar Mahgo and Miracle Mahgo, one belonging to Andrew Mahgo and one to Brendan Mahgo, and all three are located in the same hall, which leads to the dining room. The floor of the hall is hard. The hall has a linen closet which was converted into a portal by Ana Mahgo by use of the portal-making spell. The closet has shelves and different items, including linen sheets.[1]

Dining room

The dining room of the house is just in front of the sliding doors leading to the terrace. Here there is a dining room table with chairs around it, facing the doors and the lake.[1]

The dining room is next to the kitchen, and situated at the other end of the kitchen is the wizard Beifar Mahgo's office room. A hall with a hard floor leads from the dining room and to the parents' master bedroom as well as the sons' bedrooms. It is a fast way from this hall and to the dining room.[1]

Living room

Next to the dining room is the living room.[1]

Front door and driveway

after that the front door of the house, which has a peephole. Outside the front door is a driveway used by the parents for their cars, as well as Andrew Mahgo for his car.[1]


Inside the kitchen there is a small television, a refrigerator with double doors, a pantry with a door that holds snacks, and a countertop with a sink. There are also several cabints in the kitchen, one of which has an old metal pot without handles that was once used by Beifar Mahgo to perform magic with bottled Dragon Blood. The house has a kitchen with a window that overlooks the back lawn and the lake. From it, one is able to spot the family's flat boat with its electric engine when not in use.[1]

Family room

The house also has a family room, containing a large leather couch with soft cushions and at least one pillow, and a television facing the couch.[1]


The bathroom contains a mirror and a window that overlooks the lake like the kitchen window and the sliding glass doors in the dining room.[1]

Beifar Mahgo's office

This office, which is accessed by going from the dining room through and to the other end of the kitchen, belongs to the wizard Beifar Mahgo. In the room there is a large glass sliding doors. This is where he keeps his magical items when they are not needed, and his wizards' cloak, his pointy hat and staff. His pointy hat is placed on the top of a tall, old orante lamp stand stand with a green marble base, and his staff hangs from the same stand by a leather string. Beifar's flying broom, a Stealth model, hangs on two brackets on the wall above the glass sliding doors. In one corner of the room stands a ceramic plaster gargoyle figure which serves as a decorative piece as well as a magical alarm, having been enchanted by Ana Mahgo with the warning hex. There is also a spinning office chair in the room. There are also some shelves, with the top one carrying a bottle of Dragon Blood, with a black dragon silhouette painted on it.[1]

Brendan Mahgo's bedroom

Brendan Mahgo's bedroom is located in the same hall as his brother's and his parents' bedrooms. Aside from a bed, the room contains a closet with large mirrored doors, and an alarm clock close to the bed.[1]

Andrew Mahgo's bedroom

Andrew Mahgo's bedroom is located in the same hall as his brother's and parents' bedrooms. Aside from a bed, the room contains closet with clothes, and behind the clothes Andrew keeps the magic staff that he carved as a child. There is at least one window in Andrew Mahgo's bedroom, covered by blinds.[1]

Master bedroom

Beifar Mahgo and Miracle Mahgo's master bedroom is located in the same hall as their two sons' bedrooms.[1]


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