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The following information is based on events in The Secret Society of Seven Sorcerers and The Sorcerer's Secret (not yet released physically) and contain spoilers.

Washington Monument
Magical Bureau of Investigations
General information

Chief Salazar

Notable members

Dawn Wigbee




Secretly headquartered inside the Washington Monument, Washington D.C.


American Wizardry


To investigate and prevent domestic and federal magical criminal offences, and to uphold the Salem Concord


Fighting the Secret Society of Seven Sorcerers
Upholding the Salem Concord



Chronological information
First appearance

The Secret Society of Seven Sorcerers

Last appearance

The Last Sorcerer

The Magical Bureau of Investigations, abbreviated as MBI, is a governmental agency of the United States Wizardry, which serves as federal criminal investigative organization and an internal intelligence agency, much like the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) agency of the Folk,[1] and in fact has often worked alongside the FBI on cases which concerns both the wizardry and the Folk, although in secret. The Bureau is headed by a chief, the current chief being the wizard Salazar. The Bureau headquarters are secretly located inside the Washington Monument in Washington, D.C. Like the Department of Magical Criminal Investigations, the Bureau's existence is unknown to Folk.[2]

The Bureau is secretly headquartered inside the Washington Monument, Washington D.C.[2]

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  • The Magical Bureau of Investigations is also referred to as the Secret Service or the Bureau Secret Service.

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