A magic staff is a large, thick stick or stick-shaped object used as a tool or weapon by beings who possess magical abilities to channel their powers, and cast spells and enchantments. Most staves can be held with two hands. The most notable users of staffs are wizards and witches, however today the use of staffs have been almost entirely replaced by wands as staffs have decreased in popularity, often being deemed too old-fashioned and impractical.[1]

The wizard Beifar Mahgo is notable for preferring to use a staff as he is a bit of a history fanatic.[1]

History Edit

Before wands became the common magical tool and weapon of Wizardry, staffs were commonplace. They were phased out with time with the invention of the wand, and in present times staffs are even considered too old-fashioned and impractical.[1]

Lore Edit

Not much is known about staffs. It is unclear whether they contain a magical component like wands do, such as a part of a magical creature, though it is entirely possible. It seems unlikely, however, since Beifar Mahgo was able to create a light at the top of the Jesse Alexander's home-made staff through the illumination spell, and with Jesse being Folk it is unlikely that he made the staff with any magical component, at least at the time that he made it since the world of enchantment was still new to him. It is also possible that Beifar was using magic wand/staff-less magic.[1]

The best staff for a wizard is the one he makes himself, as the two will bond better this way.[1] Furthermore, a staff is made more powerful by being carved during a powerful storm, as it will capture the strength of the storm's tempest and be more powerful for it. Staffs tend to have symbols and decorations carved on them.[2]

Known users of staffs Edit

References Edit

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