Lord Bane's crystal ball

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Lord Bane's crystal ball.

Lord Bane's crystal ball is a magical artefact that once belonged Edward Bane when he was a member of the Circle of Seven Sorcerers that leads the Secret Society of Seven Sorcerers, but its new master became Raven Claw once he murdered, or possibly ordered the killing of, Lord Bane. This is because the only way to separate a crystal ball from its sorcerer is by death.[1]

It was made in the late 18th century, is French and is probably from the South France region according to Ana Mahgo, agent of the DMCI. According to Clara Towers, a witch who was once married to Winston Towers, the sorcerer before Lord Bane, Bane's crystall ball is hundreds of years old and dates back to the seven crystal balls of the original Circle of the Society.[1]




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