Lord Alex
Lord Alex
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Downtown Atlanta, Georgia



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Human wizard



Hair color

Bald, dark beard

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Gabriela Alex (wife)

Love interest(s)

Gabriela Alex (wife)
Miracle Mahgo


Raven Claw
Nicholas Fidgewidge


Beifar Mahgo
Jesse Alexander
Brendan Mahgo
Andrew Mahgo
Ana Mahgo

Weapon of choice


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Member of the Circle of Seven in the Secret Society of Seven Sorcerers
Founder and CEO of Lord Alex Distribution Inc.


Lord Alex Distribution Inc.
Secret Society of Seven Sorcerers

First appearance

Interview for a Wizard

Last appearance

The Last Sorcerer

Lord Alex is a wealthy dark wizard. He is a sly and cunning businessman and the owner of the very large Lord Alex Distribution Inc., Lord Alex has a rivalry with the wizard Beifar Mahgo which date all the way back to their younger years, where they were competing over a Folk woman named Miracle,[1] whom Lord Alex was infatuated with. Beifar ended up marrying the her and Lord Alex never forgave him.

Lord Alex is the husband of Gabriela Alex with whom he has a number of daughters.[2]

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Lord Alex is a tall, bald man, with a dark moustache and goatee. He often dresses in expensive clothing.[1] Since his initation into the Circle of Seven Sorcerers, Lord Alex has a tattoo of seven intertwined dragons on his back.[2]

When Beifar Mahbgo met Lord Alex in the conference room of Lord Alex Distribution Inc., Alex wore a very expensive dark suit and a white shirt with a red tie.[1]

At his court trial, Alex wore a very sharp and expensive suit with a perfectly pressed white shirt and bright red tie. He also wore diamond cufflinks that twinkled in the bright light of the room, and his shoes were shining flawlessly.[2]

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  • "Lord" is Lord Alex's actual first name, given to him by his own parents. It is a highly unusual first name, even for Wizardry.

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