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Agatha's wandAlexander Hamilton U.S. Custom HouseAlivan's Wizards and Witches Corner Store
Ana MahgoAna Mahgo's mirrorAna Mahgo's wand
Andrew MahgoAnthony EevoraAnti-moving hex
Ascension spellAsmodeAttack on the Mahgo brothers
AuraBarbaraBastian Semisecret
Beifar MahgoBeifar Mahgo's relationshipsBeifar Mahgo's staff
Biltmore HotelBinding hexBoat-steering spell
Brendan MahgoBrendan Mahgo's magic pendantBrick-levitating spell
BrimstoneBureau of Magical AffairsCadre
Cambridge, MassachusettsCauldronCelina Bane
Chant to show the owner of a crystal ballCharmCindy
Clara TowersCoppernicusCounter-hex for invisible ropes hex
Crystal ballCrystal ball information-erasing spellCurse
Dawn WigbeeDeath curseDepartment of Identification and Records
Department of MagicDepartment of Magical Criminal InvestigationsDisarming spell
Disney World, FloridaDonnelly ParkDougie Mann
DragonDragon BreathDragon Breath potion
Dragon FlameDragon flame trapping curseDrawer-sealing charm
Edgar ScurrilusEdward BaneElectrical shock jinx
Elven Oak FarmsEmunio Concutio hexExtract spell
Fear curseFear potionFederal Magic Association
Fidgewidge ManorFidgewidge familyFlying broom
FolkForgetful spellGabriela Alex
George WashingtonGolgoth PrisonGregory Saunders
HerbologyHexIdentification spell
Illumination spellIncantationInstant exit-revealing spell
Interview for a Wizard (book)Interview for a wizardInvisible ropes hex
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Jesse AlexanderJesse Alexander's relationshipsJesse Alexander's staff
JinxJuneKiki Asmode
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Lord Alex's wandLord Alex Distribution Inc.Lord Bane's crystal ball
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Magical Bureau of InvestigationsMagical creaturesMahgo family
Mahgo family's houseManipulation curseMarcellin-Ignatius basketball game
Marcellin High School for BoysMarcellin vs Ignatius basketball gameMcGillican
Mily BreezyMiracle MahgoMister Sugar
ModifierMount DoraNew York City
Nicholas FidgewidgeNon-shatter cylinderOwl
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PortalPortal-making spellPotion
Pumpkin HeadPyewackett Private School for WitchesRaul Paylies
Raven ClawRed DragonRepelling spell
Research and Registration of Magical ItemsRevelation spellsRob
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Salem ConcordSalem Witch WarSands of Time
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Summoning spellTail-attaching spellTeleportation
The Last SorcererThe Salem Concord (series)The Salem Concord Wiki
The Secret Society of Seven Sorcerers (book)The Sorcerer's Secret (book)Theresa Black
This and ThatThrowing spellTorture curse
TracerTracer-revealing spellUnited States of America
Unlocking spellVerum potionWand
Warning hexWaters End, VirginiaWild root that counteract fear curse
WindsseyWindsur Manufacturing Broom CorporationWinston Towers
Witch at the Alivan's Halloween costume contestWitch doctorWizardry
Yolanda Roundbottom
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