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The following information is based on events in Interview for a Wizard and contain spoilers.

The Laxo spell (incantation: Laxo) is a spell used to cancel the effect of an invisible ropes hex. It makes the invisible "ropes" of the spell seemingly loosen and then disappear.[1]

Examples of usage Edit

Lord Alex freed Agent Beifar Mahgo with the Laxo spell after first having bound him with an invisible ropes hex when he found Beifar knocked out by his corporation building's Emunio Concutio when Beifar had teleported into the building to snoop around.[1]

Etymology Edit

Laxo is a Latin noun that means: extend, expand; open, make wide; undo, release; lighten, relieve, free (figuratively); relax, moderate, weaken; lessen, abate.

References Edit

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