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A jinx is a minor type of spell that is used to cause small inconveniences to victims or be used for pulling pranks. Examples include making objects fall from their place. There are cases where jinxes can be used to cause more harm, such as with the electrical shock jinx, but these instances are rare.[1]

Known jinxes

  • Hat-falling jinx (incantation unknown, if any): This jinx can seemingly be cast nonverbally and possibly by very young Wizardry. It will cause a hat to fall from its place when cast on it.[1] It is possible that it works on any object.
  • Electrical shock jinx (incantation unknown): A jinx that sends an electric shock from the tip of the wand or staff and out. Able to travel through a human body. Can be used with the medium touching or pressing against a victim.[1]
  • Cooperative jinx (incantaiton unknown): This jinx can be cast on someone, causing the person to become cooperative, easy-going and kind around the caster.


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