Ira Lefkoff was the Folk man who used to live in the house is now the home of Alivan's Wizards and Witches Corner Store in Mount Dora, and who Raven Claw framed for his murders in Mount Dora three years before Jesse Alexander came to the town to work in Alivan's.

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Ira Lefkoff worked thirty-five years as a candy sales representative for Hershey's in Chicago before retiring and moving to Mount Dora in Florida at the age of 77. He moved into the house that would later become the home of Alivan's Wizards and Witches Corner Store.

While living there six strange deaths started occurring outside his home at the bus stop with an interval of six months, all dying from fear due to heart attacks. These deaths were caused by a dark wizard named Raven Claw, who experimenting with a spell that could cause death to victims from fear, began murdering people outside Lefkoff's home at the bus stop. Finally he planted evidence inside Lefkoff's house in order to frame the old man. When the police finally searched Lefkoff's house they the found evidence which showed Lefkoff was apparently obsessed with fright tactics. Investigators found articles, movies and journal descriptions of how he had committed the murders and arrested the old man.

The families and friends of the victims were satisfied with the jury's deliberation, however Lefkoff testified that he did not commit any of the accused crimes. He repeatedly vocalized that he was framed. Ira Lefkoff was found later that afternoon dead in his cell. An autopsy report revealed that Ira Lefkoff suffered a heart attack and died from fear.

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