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   This article is about the interview process employed by the Circle of Seven Sorcerers for Sorcerer candidates. For the book of the same name go to Interview for a Wizard (book).

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The following information is based on events in Interview for a Wizard and contain spoilers.

The interview for a wizard is the term used by the Circle of Seven Sorcerers, the rulers of the Secret Society of Seven Sorcerers, for the process of hearing a wizard and determining whether he is an appropriate candidate for a position as a Sorcerer. Interviews for wizards are only held by the Sorcerers if one or more of its members have died, thus opening up a spot in their Circle. In order for the interview to be successful, the interviewee must produce a "deed" which satisfies the current Sorcerers. This is usually some kind of act that proofs that the wizard can benefit the Circle and the Society, gaining them wealth or power. Usually, the deed is criminal in nature.[1][2]


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