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   This article is about the book. For the interview process employed by the Circle of Seven Sorcerers for Sorcerer candidates go to interview for a wizard.

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Interview for a Wizard (book)
General information

The Salem Concord


J.A. Areces


J.A. Areces (cover and back)


The wizard Beifar Mahgo's hat and staff on a stand


J. A. Areces


February 22, 2014 (revised edition)

2007 (podcast audiobook)

2006 (original draft as paperback through

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The Secret Society of Seven Sorcerers

Interview for a Wizard is a fantasy book written by J.A. Areces. It is the first installment in the The Salem Concord series. The cover art depicts the wizard Beifar Mahgo's hat and staff. The book was originally released as a free podcast audiobook in 2007 but was published physically on February 22, 2014 in a revised and improved version.[1]

Book description

On Halloween night, unsuspecting visitors at one of the greatest vacation spots in the world are about to be scared to death.

Jesse Alexander, an 18-year-old recent high school graduate, accepts a job in a small, costume store, in Mt. Dora. It was the perfect job in the perfect laid back, little town. On his own for the first time, he is looking forward to being able to relax in the calm and quiet of his new surroundings and seriously consider the direction of his future. Working at Alivan's Wizards and Witches Corner Store was uneventful. It was the ideal position. He was the only employee, and his only encounters with his boss were via email or instant message.

However, with only seven days before Halloween, Jesse finds himself sucked into a race against time and wizardry. The Secret Society of Seven Sorcerers is missing one of its elite members and is in the process of seeking a replacement -- one truly worthy member for its inner circle of elders. A dangerous and mad wizard has escaped from prison, murdered everyone that can identify him and is interviewing for the coveted membership position in the Society. Beifar Mahgo, Special Agent from the Department of Magical Investigations is in pursuit of the elusive demented wizard, and all clues lead to Jesse. Jesse’s encounter with the Special Agent disrupts his peaceful existence and forever changes his view of reality and normalcy. With the threat of being framed for murder, and the lives of thousands threatened with imminent annihilation, Jesse is thrust into the midst of the mission to apprehend the crazed wizard and team up with agent Mahgo. Jesse Alexander must believe in himself, trust in the unimaginable and face the unexplainable. However, in the world of magic, nothing is ever what it seems.






  • In the podcast audiobook version of the book, the story is defined as taking place in 2006 with the mention of the "2006 flying broom model, the Stealth." Since the first chapter (after the prologue) takes place a on a Sunday, it is a week before Halloween and once the story gets to Halloween it is Sunday again. This places the first chapter on October 24, 2006, although technically speaking the last Sunday before Halloween in 2006 was on October 22nd, not October 24th, and Halloween fell on a Tuesday.


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