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The following information is based on events in Interview for a Wizard and The Secret Society of Seven Sorcerers and contain spoilers.

The illumination spell (Lumen) is a spell that, when cast, lights up the tip of a wizard or witch's wand or one end of a staff.[1] With a staff, it can cause both ends to blaze.[2] It is used by Wizardry in the same manner in which Folk use flashlights, to see in the dark.[1][2] The spell can also be used to light up electrical lights, as well as bonfires, campfires or other forms of fires used for warmth and light. As such, it can also be used to produce fire and flames.[3]

Examples of usage


The incantation lumen is a Latin noun meaning "light". Accurately written it is lūmen, with a diacritic marking a double u vowel. The genitive form is lūminis.

Lūmen comes from the Proto-Indo-European *léwksmn̥, derived from the root *lewk- (“bright”). It is equivalent to lūx +‎ -men.


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