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A hex is a spell whose effects vary greatly, especially based on morality and intention, though it seems that most of the time they are used to cause a form or harm or gain an advantage over a victim. For instance memory-altering spells or forgetful spells are used to alter memories or remove them completely so as to render a victim helpless or to keep themselves, someone else or something secret. Another form of hex are warning hexes, which alert its caster of intruders in the area it is cast on. Another, more ambigious hex, is the broom faster-than-jets autopilot hex, which especially creates confusion as to what constitues a "hex". Things or beings that a hex has been cast upon are referred to as having been "hexed".[1]

Known hexes

  • Binding hex (incantation: Ligo): Used to handcuff others.
  • Invisible ropes hex (incantation unknown): Ties others with magical, invisible ropes. Can also tie someoene to an object, like a chair.
  • Warning hex (incantation: Praecipio): When cast on an area, any intrusion into the area not made by people included in the hex and its caster, will warn the caster of the intruder(s).
  • Emunio Concutio (incantation: Emunio Concutio (presumably), then for activation: defendo acendo, deactivation: defendo apage): A magical alarm system that knocks out any Wizardry that enters an area protected by this hex. Depending on how powerful the hex is, it may also cause Wizardry to become ill and nauseous while getting close to it.
  • Broom faster-than-jet autopilot hex (incantation unknown): A hex that is currently being developed by the witch doctors of the Federal Magic Association, which will cause flying brooms to be able to fly at speeds faster than a jet while using its autopilot magic.
  • Anti-moving hex (incantation on the page): A hex that prevents anyone from moving an object it is cast upon, as if the object is glued to the place it sits in. It will also teleport someone away if they try to teleport the object, but with the different parts of their body teleported to different places across the world, effectively killing them.
  • Chair-binding hex (incantation unknown): Cast on seats to bind people to them.
  • Secret identity hex (incantation unknown): Cast on things that can reveal one's identity, for example photographs, causing the identity to be obscured. If cast on a photograph of someone, the caster can use the hex to cause that subject to be turned away from the camera lens or be obscured by objects.
  • Object-expelling hex (incantation: Expello (object)): Expells any object from someone's hand, causing it to fly away. Alternative to the disarming spell when duelling.
  • Repelling hex or expelling hex (incantation: Repello): Causes anything or anyone it is cast on to be pushed backwards.


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