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Four elements
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The four elements, the Elements or classical elements are physical four forces of nature from which a great amount of magic draws from, consisting of fire, water, earth and wind. The elements are an integral part of magic, with several spells being derived from them.Cite error: Closing </ref> missing for <ref> tag

It is possible for Wizardry to learn to control the elements themselves and manipulate them, however it is hard as well as dangerous with the possibility of the elements themselves turning on the wizard or witch, such that happened when Atlantis sunk. Each of the four elements exist physically and separately in the world, in four secret locations, each one in one of the four corners of the world. The Secret Society of Seven Sorcerers were actively searching for the location of the four elements until Lord Alex located them, stole them from the Four Corners statues and used them in a brew that gave him power over them.

The classical elements are an integral part of alchemy, having been studied by alchemists for centuries. It was also alchemists who hid the elements in their four separate locations in the four corners of the world thousands of years ago due to their dangerous and tempting nature. The way the elements tempts Wizardry has caused them to be referred to as the "forbidden fruit" for Wizardry.

The four elements each have an alchemical symbol. For wind is a bisected by a horizontal line. For earth is an upside-down triangle bisected by a horizontal line. For fire is a triangle. For water is an upside-down triangle. Each of these four symbols were present in the study of Professor Coppernicus's tower, floating from the ceiling in a perfect circular rotation above a moving geocentric model of the solar system.[1]



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