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The following information is based on events in Interview for a Wizard and The Secret Society of Seven Sorcerers. and contain spoilers.

The Fidgewidge family was an old and wealthy Wizardry family. They lived at a mansion called Fidgewidge Manor in the ancient colonial town of Waters End in the state Virginia, by the Occoquan River.

The known members of the Fidgewidge family are the younger and older siblings, Raven Fidgewidge and Nicholas Fidgewidge, and their father, Mr. Fidgewidge. When their father died, Raven and Nicholas inherited Fidgewidge Manor, as well as for a time their father's butler, Ivan. All members of the family are dead today. Mr. Fidgewidge died many years ago ago, Nicholas Fidgewidge was murdered by Clara with the death spell, and Raven Fidgewidge was murdered by his own former accomplice in crime, Celina Bane, through the fear spell that she and he created together.[1]



  • Mr. Fidgwidge


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