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The following information is based on events in Interview for a Wizard and The Secret Society of Seven Sorcerers and contain spoilers.

An Emunio Concutio[1] (incantation uncertain) is a hex[2] that acts a magical alarm system that protects a location it is cast upon from any intruding Wizardry aside from the owner (usually the caster, but not always). When turned on, an Emunio Concutio will make an approaching wizard or witch nauseous, and if too close to it, or located on the grounds or inside the building when it is turned on, they will be "whacked" – that is knocked out. To bypass the magical alarm, the wizard or witch must be invited by the owner of the Emunio Concutio. When a person awakes from being whacked they will have a splitting headache. One way of treating a "whack" is to drink strong coffee.[1]

It is possible to include other Wizardry permanently in an Emunio Concutio hex so that they do not get whacked by it, regardless of whether they are invited or not. It is also possible to transfer ownership of an Emunio Concutio, even while including onself in the hex.[1]

Whether or not Wizardry will feel the effects of an Emunio Concutios close to it depends on how strong a certain Emunio Concutio is. Some are powerful enough that it can be felt across from a street, some even from a block away. Others will not be felt until the Wizardry is inside the location it is protecting.[1]

Emunio Concutio apparently does not want or fad with time as some other magical spells do. It will remain where it is cast, unless removed by the owner or somehow broken by other Wizardry. It is unknown whether it is even possible to break the hex, and if so, how it is done.

To turn the Emunio Concutio on the owner must say the words "defendo acendo" and to turn it off "defendo apage".[1]

It is unknown whether "Emunio Concutio" is the incantation used to cast the alarm hex or if it requires a different incantation, or multiple ones.

Although Emunio Concutio is referred to as an "alarm", it does not alert anyone to intruders but only knocks them out.

Known locations protected by an Emunio Concutio


The words Emunio Concutio are Latin and means something akin to "Defensive alarm" or possibly "Shake violently defensively."

Emunio is a verb (written in classical Latin as ēmūniō, with diacritics used for double vowel markers, and means: fortify, strengthen, defend (with a wall).

The etymology of emunio is uncertain.

Concutio or concutiō, is also a verb, and means: shake violently (or together), agitate, or terrify or alarm.

Concutio comes from con- +‎ quatiō (“shake, hit”).

Defendo means "defense".

Acendo means "rise, go up; up."

Apage means "vanish, go away."


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