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Emily Johnson

Emily Johnson is a Folk woman who worked as the witch Henrietta Lefkoff's help. She lived in Henrietta's house in Mount Dora, Florida, until she was killed by dark wizards working for the Secret Society of Seven Sorcerers. Emily Johnson was present at Alivan's' first Halloween costume contest. There, to keep it safe, she gave the young wizard boy Brendan Mahgo the Midas Elixir, an old heirloom belonging to Henrietta's family and the Sorcerer's Secret, as a prize after seeing him successfully hovering on a broom. After leaving the store she drove home to Henrietta's house, where she found her friend dead, killed by dark wizards out to get the elixir pendant. Later, Chief Philip Fabiano, Andrew Mahgo, Brendan Mahgo and Jesse Alexander came to the house to search for the Nostradamus Medallion, another item of the Sorcerer's Secret. They found Emily bound to a chair by the dark wizards. Andrew and Brendan fought the wizards but in the end they could not save Emily who was killed by them. Brendan then took the medallion from the hands of the lifeless Emily.[1]


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