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The electrical shock jinx (incantation unknown) is a jinx that causes a victim to have an electrical shock run through them when cast on them. The electrical shock travels from the tip of the wand or staff and through the body, and will almost cause the victim to drop the floor. It will also cause the victim's eyes to sting and its tongue to go dry. The wand or staff may be touching the victim when it is cast. [1]

Known uses

Caster(s) Date Notes
Lord Alex 2007 (possibly) on the day of Halloween He cast it on Brendan Mahgo when he the boy bumped into him at the Biltmore Hotel on the day leading up to the night of his initiation into the Circle of Seven Sorcerers. He used it to try and force Brendan to tell him where his father, Agent Beifar Mahgo was, as he was certain that he'd be in the hotel if his son was there. This Lord Alex was actually an earlier version of Lord Alex, since Brendan had traveled back in time with his father's room key.[1]

Known pracitioners


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