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The following information is based on events in The Secret Society of Seven Sorcerers and contain spoilers.

Edgar Scurrilus
Biographical information

Deceased, murdered by Celina Bane

Alternative name(s)

Supreme Court Judge Edgar Scurillus
Lord Scurrilus (presumably, as a sorcerer)







Physical description




Personal information
Capacity for magic

Yes, wizard



Love interest(s)



The Circle of Seven Sorcerers



Weapon of choice

Unknown, presumably a wand

Chronological and political information

Supreme Court judge


Judge of the Supreme Court


The Secret Society of Seven Sorcerers
The Circle of Seven Sorcerers
The federal Supreme Court

First appearance

The Secret Society of Seven Sorcerers (only appearance)

Edgar Scurrilus was a dark wizard. He was a judge of the Supreme Court of the United States. He was formerly a member of the Circle of Seven Sorcerers within the Secret Society of Seven Sorcerers, until he was murdered by Celina Bane.[1]


Early life

Nothing is known of Edgar Scurrilus' psst life, but it is safe to assume that being a Supreme Court judge meant that he was a man of high status and most likely wealthy, as the rest of the members of the Circle of Seven Sorcerers were.[1]

The Secret Society of Seven Sorcerers

The Dragon Flame ritual

Supreme Court Judge Edgar Scurrilus was among the sorcerers at the secluded Society hiding spot in an unknown forest, surrounding the Dragon Flame with the rest of the Circle while Lord Alex was selected by the inferno as the replacement of Lord Bane as seventh sorcerer.


Supreme Court Judge Scurillus was making his way through the main hall of the Supreme Court building on a day that was particularly busy for the place. People were streaming in and out of courthouses and up and down stairwells and elevators while not paying attention to one another. He was carrying a folder filled with papers.

Making for the elevators, Judge Scurillus greeted a security guard, but he stopped as he was put in a trance by a fear spell cast by Celina Bane hiding nearby. Scurillus collapsed onto the floor with the papers spilling everywhere, and was noticed by a woman who screamed. The security guard rushed to help him but stopped short as Scurillus clutched his own body, in pain, twisted and turned over on his stomach. After having trying trying to yell with no sound coming, his body convulsing in several ways, turning over at least once and his body arching and jerking, Edgar Scurillus died from the heart attack given to him by Celina Bane's fear curse. He'd dropped his head on the floor and cracked his forehead in the process, causing blood to spill.

A large crowd had formed around Scurillus while his violent death went down, but the security guard had kept everyone back from the scene.

In the aftermath the floor was covered in blood and important papers. The crowd grew larger and everyone pressed in around the old man's corpse. While everyone was diverted, Celina Bane, a cloaked and hooded, walked around the crowd and left the building unnoticed.

Upon Scurillus' death, it was immediately declared that no one was allowed to enter or leave the court building, causing everyone to act chaotic and rushing in all directions. Security tried to regain order.

Bane's murder of Edgar Scurrilus was especially notable because of the large amount of witnesses. Yet, she was not found out except through Lord Bane's crystal ball later on, by DMCI Agent Ana Mahgo.[1]

Physical appearance

Edgar Scurillus was an old man. At his workplace he wore the robes of a judge, which most likely were dark greyish black as they are in real life.

Following his death from Celina Bane's fear curse, Edgar Scurillus had a cracked forehead.[1]


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