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Dragon Flame

The Dragon Flame is an eternal magical fire that was created by the Circle of Seven Sorcerer of the Secret Society of Seven Sorcerers ages ago by bringing together seven different flames taken from seven different dragon tribes from seven different parts of the world. The Dragon Flame is used by the Sorcerers to choose new members for the Circle, in a secret ritual. The Dragon Flame seems to have a mind of its own, as the individual elected by it cannot be determined by any being but the Flame, and if questioned it may punish the disobedient sorcerer.

The Dragon Flame is contained within a large ornate stone basin with images engraved on it, which is located in a circular clearing inside an undisclosed thick forest. The clearing is surrounded by a wall of tall pine trees and guarded by several protective curses. The ground on which the stone basin stands is paved by stone, and the area is decorated by statues of past members of the Circle of Seven Sorcerers.[1]