Dragons are magical creatures. They are typically large and scaly, with a tail and sharp teeth and claws. A dragon possesses wings which gives them the ability to fly. Dragons have the ability to breath fire from their mouths.

Language Edit

Dragons are able to speak in their own language. Some wizards are able to understand and talk the language, but it is a gift that are only unique to some. Certain other wizards are able to understand dragons mentally. One wizard who is able to speak the language is Beifar Mahgo.

Anatomy Edit

Certain characteristics are common throughout dragon species, including wings, tails, four legs and a scaly body. If a dragon's flame is taken from them, they can undergo a magical transformation in which they lose their magic, grow smaller and weaker and are unable to fly or breath fire, as seen with the red dragon. The red dragon, in its non-magical form, resembled a large iguana with the size of a large dog, while in its magical form it was the size of a large horse.

Dragon tribes Edit

There are several dragon tribes in the world. The Secret Society of Seven Sorcerers stole the flame from seven dragon tribes to create the "Dragon Flame".

The Dragon Flame Edit

A long time ago past members of the circle of seven elders who leads the Secret Society of Seven Sorcerers took seven flames from seven different dragon tribes from seven different parts of the world and brought them together with spells, chants and sacrifice joined as one inferno. The Dragon Flame used in a secret ritual, where it always selects the final applicant for the brother of the Society who wish to join the circle of sorcerers. All sorcerers swears an oath of secrecy and loyalty once they are chosen, consumed by fire if broken.

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