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The Department of Magic is the Wizardry branch of the United States government. Its existence is a complete secret to the Folk world,[1] except Folk in high positions within the US government and certain agents within American agencies. Although the Department has to follow American law, they are effectively a government of their own in many ways, and in fact they have certain laws that only they know of, but some of them also affect Folk, such as it being a national crime to own Dragon Breath. Within the Department there are many separate specialized departments and associations, such as the Department of Magical Criminal Investigations. The Department of Magic is headed by a Secretary of Magic, who is elected by American Wizardry[1] and who only answers to the President of the United States of America. It is the Secretary's duty to oversee all the departments and associations.

Departments and associations

Department of Magical Criminal Investigations

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The Department of Magical Criminal Investgations, or the DMCI,[2] investigate crimes of magic or crimes committed by Wizardry, but it is usually kept to smaller cases, such as murders and theft, rather than threats against the national security or the Salem Concord.[1]

Magical Bureau of Investigations

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The Magical Bureau of Investigations, or MBI,Template:Citeneeded is a federal criminal investigative agency that investigate large crimes against the safety of the nation or breaches of the Salem Concord. MBI agents go through rigid, intense training, in many different kinds of environments, and learn to focus their energy. The MBI have a history of cooporating with the Folk FBI, the Federal Bureau of Investigations, even going so far as to pair MBI agents and FBI agents on assignments investigating crimes pertaining both to the Wizardry and the Folk.[2]

Department of Identification and Records

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The Department of Identification and Records, also known as the Department of Wizardry Identification and Records, handles the registration, identification and storing of information of American Wizardry citizens.[1]

Research and Registration of Magical Items

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Research and Registration of Magical Items handles registration of magical items that need a permit to be owned, and also deal with research of such items, into their origins and history.[2]

Federal Magic Association

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The Federal Magic Association, or the FMA,[2] regulate all spells and hexes. For a spell to be legal, it has to be approved by the FMA, which is accomplished through studies condcuted by witch doctors.[2]

Bureau of Magical Affairs

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The Bureau of Magical Affairs, or BMA,[2] usually cleans up after the DMCI. Their main task is to make it appear as if magic does not exist, in case the Wizardry have been exposed. One way to accomplish this is by altering the memories of Folk.[2]


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