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So why you gone and done something stupid?
— David Deptula to Andrew Mahgo and Brendan Mahgo following their arrival at Marcellin High School the day after their struggle with dark wizards that got the school's Magic Department shut down.[1]

David Deptula
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Unknown, possibly somewhere in southern Florida


Around 16

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Yes, wizard




Andrew Mahgo
Brendan Mahgo

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High school student


Student at Marcelline High School for Boys (formerly)
Student at Marcelline High School's Magic Department (formerly)
Student at Southern Wizarding Academy (presumed)


Marcellin High School for Boys (formerly)
Marcellin High School's Magic Departments (formerly)
Southern Wizarding Academy (presumed)

First appearance

The Sorcerer's Secret

David Deptula is a wizard who went to Marcellin High School for Boys and studied in the school's secret Magic Department until it was shut down, after which he most likely transfered to Southern Wizarding Academy. Deptula is not known for being very intelligent.[1]


David Deptula attended Marcellin High School for Boys where he took the various the magic classes in the school's secret Magic Department. According to Brendan Mahgo, whom he sat in front of during magic class, David Deptula was a "numbskull" and the dumbest in their class. According to Mahgo, Deptula would never pay attention and would instead spend all his time doodling flying brooms and other things.

The Sorcerer's Secret

Giving his wand to Andrew Mahgo

Knowing that Andrew Mahgo didn't attend magic classes or own a wand despite being a wizard, David Deptula offered to give Andrew his wand. After Andrew and his brother Brendan was recently been ambushed by dark wizards, Andrew decided to take David up on his offer just to be safe. Supposedly Deptula's stupidity was what caused him to simply give his wand away, not realizing the importance of the bond between the wizard and their wand.

While Andrew, Brendan, and their Folk friend Jesse Alexander was about to enter Henrietta Lefkoff's house in Mount Dora in the search for the Nostradamus Medallion, Brendan asked Andrew didn't bring his staff. Andrew told him he was packing The wand David has given him, and Brendan objected, telling Andrew how incompetent of a wizard David was and asked him why he'd ever agree to take David's wand. Jesse also commented on how it can be a bad idea to just take another wizard's wand, as they may become attached to their owner. However, he also said there was the possibility that they may be pleased to be free of their last owner if the pairing had been wrong, and be the best wand the new owner had ever had. Brendan the The wand was the ugliest one Jesse commented that it was the ugliest wand he had ever seen. On Jesse's suggestion Andrew tried a simple spell with it to be safe, casting the illuminatiom spell, however the wand produced a bright flash of light from its tip and caused all the streetlights in the darkness to go dark. It was then agreed that the wand was too dangerous to use. Despite this, when they were attacked by dark wizards in the house, Andrew used Deptula's wand to defend them, managing to cast several successful binding hexes. He continued to use it against the dark wizards as they left the house with the Medallion and ran for Alivan's Wizards and Witches Corner Store, Jesse's store. At the end of the day, when the brothers returned to their family's house in the dead of night, Andrew decided that he wanted nothing to do with the wand, however, and decided he'd throw it out the next day.

The morning the next day at Marcellin High School for Boys, word had somehow spread that Andrew Mahgo and Brendan Mahgo had utilized magic outside of school, which was considered against Wizardry law, and because of this Mister Schipino had decided he would shut shut down the magic classes. David Deptula was one of the first to confront the Mahgo brothers, saying they'd "gone and done something stupid," however Andrew blamed David for having given him a wand that almost killed him. After that David and Andrew almost got into a fight, beginning with them being in a headlock, with Andrew having the upper hand and David waving his arms pleading to be set free. The rumor of a fight in Building A quickly cirulated throughout the school, including the principal's office, and many Folk students came to watch. Three other wizard students pulled Andrew off of David after which David retaliated by pounding Andrew squarely in the gut. Brendan, having heard the rumor of the fight, arrived then and lunged at David, punching him in the jaw. The word "Fight, fight, fight, fight" began echocing throughout the building and the corridors became packed with students pushing to get a better view of the commotion. It was so loud and confusing that no one heard the first bell ring. The circle of wizard students surrounded the Mahgo brothers and shouted accusations at them while also preventing them from running away.

After having been given a scolding by Mister Schipino and throughout the rest of the day, every wizard student in Marcellin High School shunned Andrew and Brendan Mahgo, pushing them constantly, taunting them, shoving them, let alone teasing them as they would cross each other in the halls or during launch. David Deptula stayed far away from Andrew, but Andrew was sure that David was behind much of the torture they had to endure.

After the official closure of the Magic Department of Marcellin High School for Boys, following both the breaches of the Salem Concord performed by Andrew and Brendan Mahgo, as well as the breaches made by the Secret Society of Seven Sorcerers and the Cadre, and because of the looming potential of a new Salem Witch Wars due to these circumstances, all Wizardry students at Marcellin was requested to instead continue their magical education at Southern Wizarding Academy in Georgia, including David Deptula.[1]

Physical appearance

David Deptula is a large boy, heavyset with crewcut hair that stands on ends like a porcupine. His arms are fat.[1]




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