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A curse is a type of dark spell which is used for causing others harm, usually immense suffering, such as torturous pain or even death. To cast these evil spells, the caster must have truly evil intentions, mentally, or they will not be successful in casting the curse. Things or beings that a curse has been cast upon are referred to as having been "cursed".

Known curses

  • Death curse or death spell (incantation: Abeo Modo): Brings instant death to it's victims.
  • Torture curse or cruciamentun curse (incantation: Cruciamentun): Brings immense pain to its victims.
  • Fear curse (incantation unknown except the last word: boo): A curse that causes someone to live their worst nightmare and kills them due to a heart attack caused by fright.
  • Dragon flame trapping curse (incantation unknown): The curse that binds the seven flames of the Dragon Flame.
  • Manipulation curse (incantation unknown): Gives the caster power over another being's body, with the ability to lift the body into the air and hurl it around. Prevents the being from acting of their own accord, but does not limit their free thought.