Crystal ball information-erasing spell

Ana huffed and turned rudely giving them her back as she continued the enchantment, but not loud enough to be heard.

The term "Crystal ball information-erasing spell" has not been confirmed by official sources and is merely conjecture.


Spoiler warning!

The following information is based on events in The Secret Society of Seven Sorcerers and contain spoilers.

The crystal ball information-erasing spell (incantation: Eximo Mei Animus) is one that, when cast on a crystal ball, will erase all of the caster's personal information recorded in it.[1]

Examples of usages

Ana Mahgo used the spell on Lord Bane's crystal ball by chanting the spell and tapping it, erasing all of her private information from it, as she did not want anyone to learn her secrets, however uninteresting they might be.[1]


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