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“It won’t work,” Beifar pronounced. "For the spell to work, I have to be afraid of something. Let me tell you a little secret; I have no fears…not anymore." He glanced over to Andrew and Brendan proudly.
— Beifar Mahgo[1]

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Beifar Mahgo
Biographical information
Alternative name(s)

I.E. Spie
Mr. Secret Agent Man (by Lord Alex)




House at a lake in a city somewhere in Southern Florida



Physical description




Eye color


Hair color

Dark with grey highlights

Skin color

Tanned light

Personal information
Capacity for magic

Yes, wizard


Miracle Mahgo (wife, Folk)
Andrew Mahgo (son, Wizardry)
Brendan Mahgo (son, Wizardry)
Ana Mahgo (cousin, Wizardry)
Two unnamed brothers (Folk)
Unnamed parents (Folk)
Unnamed grandfather (Wizardry)
Unnamed grandmother (Folk)

Love interest(s)

Miracle Mahgo (wife)


Jesse Alexander
Ana Mahgo
Bastian Semisecret (formerly, deceased)


Lord Alex
Raven Claw
Nicholas Fidgewidge
Bastian Semisecret
Secret Society of Seven Sorcerers

Weapon of choice

Magic staff

Chronological and political information

Wizardry law enforcer


Chief of the Department of Magical Criminal Investigations
Special agent or detective for the DMCI (formerly)
Special agent of the Magical Bureau of Investigations (formerly, returned)


Department of Magical Criminal Investigations
Magical Bureau of Investigations (formerly)

First appearance

Interview for a Wizard

Last appearance

The Last Sorcerer

Beifar Mahgo (/beɪfar maɡoʊ/) is a 45 year old wizard. He is the husband of the Folk woman Miracle Mahgo, and the father of the wizards Andrew and Brendan. Beifar has a female cousin, the witch Ana Mahgo. Beifar is the current chief of the Department of Magical Criminal Investigations.[2] Before becoming a DMCI agent, he trained at and worked with the Magical Bureau of Investigations along with his cousin, Ana Mahgo, who also wound up transfering to the DMCI. On his assignment to track down the mad and dangerous convicted wizard Raven Claw, Beifar met the Folk boy Jesse Alexander in Alivan's Wizards and Witches Corner Store, in the town of Mount Dora. He formed a strong friendship with the young man, who became a valuable friend and ally.[3]

A year after capturing Raven Claw, Beifar was suspended from the DMCI by Judge Barbara, for a run-in the year prior with his long-time foe, Lord Alex, in which he broke his nose. Lord Alex's company had supplied Claw with Dragon Breath, which he wished to use in his fear spell on Walt Disney Resort.

Although he was suspended, Beifar began investigating the Secret Society of Seven Sorcerers together with Ana Mahgo, in order to try and stop Lord Alex from being initiated into its Circle of Seven Sorcerers. However, he didn't manage to stop the iniation going down at the Biltmore Hotel. Following the initation, Beifar had a long battle with Lord Alex, teleporting throughout Mount Dora, and stopped him from stealing Lord Bane's crystal ball from Alivan's. Beifar also witnessed his teenage sons: first acts and signs of magic during this year.[1]


Early life

As a very young boy, Beifar Mahgo would often play with his grandfather's wand and hat and cause all sorts of trouble around his family's house with his untrained magical abilities. He grew up in the same city in Southern Florida as he would later live in with his wife and children. He went to Marcellin High School for Boys located at the heart of the city, attending both Folk classes and the classes of the secret magic department. This is the same high school that his own children would later attend.

At one point in his youth Beifar Mahgo learned to fly on a boom. The first time he tried to fly a novice broom, he accidentally flew right into the side of a parked Volkswagen buggy. Beifar carved his own magic staff at some point too.

At some point Beifar came to work for the Department of Magical Criminal Investigations in New York City.

Later in his life Beifar married to a Folk woman named Miracle. By doing this, he was breaking certain rules of the American Wizardry community,[3] however the Department of Magic seems to have allowed it since they did not object and chose to provide the normal projection to them as they do with any family where one of the members is an agent of the DMCI.[1] He had a long-time rivalry with a wizard named Lord Alex, going all the way back to their youth when they were fighting over Miracle's hand. Eventually Beifar won her over, which caused Alex to resent Beifar to the present day.[3]

Beifar and Miracle have two sons Andrew and Brendan. Beifar works as a special agent in the Department of Magical Criminal Investigations, however he hadn't told his wife that he still worked in the DMCI. Instead he had lied to her about being a business man. Beifar's female cousin Ana Mahgo also worked in the DMCI, in the Identification and Records Department in New York City. Beifar was given the assignment of tracking down a dangerous, mad wizard named Raven Claw who was a known killer and who had escaped from jail. Although Miracle knew about the existence of magic and the Wizardry, Beifar chose not tell her about his job as an undercover agent in the Department, since she did not care much for magic, wanting a normal life for the family, especially since their sons did not show any sign of magic. Instead he opted to pretend to be a pharmaceutical sales rep.[3]

Physical appearance

Beifar is tall and strong with an athletic built from training frequently. Beifar is nearly bald but have short black hair with grey highlights that runs up his sideburns and around his ears, bushy dark eyebrows and dark eyes, and he sports a well-trimmed salt and pepper moustache and goatee.[3]

When Beifar is on duty as a Department agent he wears a tall, grey pointy hat, with its large brim often turned down to hide his face. He also wears a dark cloak which falls down to his calves, which is a cross between a trench coat from an old black and white detective film (Humphrey Bogart) and a wizard's robe. When Jesse met Beifar the wizard wore a clean, light-grey shirt and dark striped pants under his cloak. Under the cloak Beifar wears a magic shoulder gun holster on his side from which he can draw his long magic staff, and which is conceaeled from everyone.[1] Around Beifar's neck hangs a blue magic stone amulet in a leather string which is knotted behind Beifar's neck.[3]


Beifar is a bit of a history fanatic and so he prefers to use a magic staff instead of a wand.




Jesse Alexander

When Beifar Mahgo first met Jesse, they were both strangers.


female Folk
male Folk
female Folk
male Folk
female Folk
male Folk
female Folk
Miracle Mahgo
male Folk
male Folk
Ana Mahgo
Andrew Mahgo
Brendan Mahgo


The Salem Concord

Original audiobook editions

Beifar Mahgo appears in the original four free podcast audiobooks, although here he is called "Ch-U-Ch". The physical editions of the books are revised and the audiobooks should bee thought of as early drafts.



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