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The following information is based on events in The Secret Society of Seven Sorcerers and contain spoilers.

The anti-moving hex is a protective hex[1] that, when cast on an object, prevents anyone from moving it, as if it is glued to a spot. If someone tries to teleport the object away, the hex will instead teleport them away, to many different places in many pieces, effectively killing them.[1]


Lord Bane's crystal ball

Ana Mahgo cast this hex on Lord Bane's crystal ball, using a chant, the last lines of which is unknown:

Chains that bind
and locks that seal
prevent anyone who tries to steal.

Andrew Mahgo interjected the chant the first time Ana tried to cast it, adding jokingly after the third line:

and who should dare to break this spell
will turn to dust and go to...",

meaning to finish with "hell". However, Ana scolded him, telling him that interrupting a spell can be disastrous. Andrew said that he could not help himself, since she was doing it the chant in English. Annoyed, Ana continued the enchantment, but not loud enough to be heard.

Later, once Clara Towers tried to move the crystal ball fruitlessly, she attempted to teleport it away, but Ana's protective spell instead teleported Clara, with her body split into many different pieces in many different places, killing her.[1] Although Beifar Mahgo, Ana's cousin, recounted that Ana always had a thing for theatrics when commenting on Clara's fate, according to Ana this was the result of Andrew changing the spell by his addition of his own words to the chant.[2]


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  • The anti-moving hex cast by Ana Mahgo on Lord Bane's crystal ball was also occassionally referred to as a curse and a jinx.

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