Alivan's Wizards and Witches Corner Store is an outlet shop for Wizardry, located in the small town of Mount Dora, Florida. The store is currently owned by the Folk boy Jesse Alexander. Three years before Jesse came to Mount Dora the store was associated with several murders, which happened just outside the store in front of a busstop. The victims suffered heart attacks caused by extreme fear. A large part of the action in the Salem Concord series takes place in the store.

Alivan's is tucked between two office buildings occupied on the street level by cute stores and outdoor cafés. Across the street from Alivan's is a light post and an old movie theater.

Trivia Edit

  • Author of The Salem Concord J.A. Areces based the look of the exterior of Alivan's on a real life store located on 331 North Donnelly Street in Mount Dora, Florida. When Areces wrote The Salem Concord this store was the antique "Painter's Daughter Boutique", which specialized in vintage and antique items, mostly clothing. In 2016 it was into an antique store called "A. Adams Antique and Fine Art" that sold French periodic antique items. In 2017 the shop was purchased once again and turned into a shop for the "Naples Soap Company", and is still this shop. The building is considered historic. The real life store is not located across from a theater, although there is a theater in the town, the Princess Theater, located at 130 West 5th Avenue, but it is permanently closed and also considered a historic site.
  • Even though the store is called Alivan's Wizards and Witches Corner Store, it is not actually located on a corner in the story, but is tucked between two office buildings.
Painters daughters boutique

A photo of the Painter's Daughter Boutique in Mount Dora, Florida, the building that J.A. Areces based the exterior look of Alivan's on. Photo courtesy of J.A. Areces.

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